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How to Post Jobs in 3 Easy Steps

Launched in 2022, is a centralized and engaging option for governmental public health agencies seeking employees.

Job seekers visiting the site can learn more about public health career options and connect with open job opportunities from across the 59 states, territories, freely associated states, and Washington, D.C. Governmental public health agencies may post open positions that will appear in searches by entering job vacancies on the Association of State and Territorial Health Officials’ (ASTHO) Job Board or by providing an XML feed of their jobs from their Applicant Tracking System. The two options are simple and easy, and there is no cost to the agency.

  1. Enter
    1. Go to the ASTHO Job Board and select ‘Jobs in Government Public Health.’
    2. Select the ‘Employers’ tab in the upper right corner.
    3. Select ‘Post a Job’ (ignore the pricing statement). Sign in if you have an existing account or create a profile by clicking ‘New Users Sign Up.’ If you are a new user, you will be asked for basic information such as name, title, phone, email, and organization. You will have the opportunity to provide a brief description of your organization to appear with your postings.
    4. Under ‘Post a New Job,’ enter the information about the position. Requested fields follow a traditional position description format and can be cut and pasted; required fields are marked with an asterisk (*). Note that you may direct potential applicants to an individual or to a job application URL.
  2. Review
    1. ‘Preview’ the job to double check for accuracy and formatting. Either ‘Edit Job’ to make changes or ‘Proceed to Checkout’ to continue.
  3. Post
    1. At checkout, select ‘Single 30-Day Job Posting’ to waive the fee associated with the posting. You will be presented with options to enhance the job posting and may select one or more of these options at your own expense. Note that if selected, these enhancements apply only to the posting as it will appear on the ASTHO Job Board and will not appear on
    2. ‘Continue to Payment’ and enter the Promo/Marketing Code STHA72022 if you are a governmental public health agency, and AFFILIATE72022 if you represent an ASTHO Affiliate Council organization, the National Association of County and City Health Officials, Big Cities Health Coalition, or Pacific Island Health Officers’ Association. Select ‘Recalculate’ and the fee associated with single 30-day postings will be removed.
    3. ‘Process Order’ to have the position posted. It will appear within a few hours.

Note that accounts and posted jobs can be managed from the ‘Overview’ tab when logged in to the ASTHO Job Board site. From the ‘Manage Account’ tab, users may add more administrators, remove a posting before the 30-day posting time period, renew postings for more than 30 days, and perform other functions to manage accounts and postings.

For more information – including about how to provide a direct Extensible Markup Language (XML) feed that will automatically include agency jobs in searches performed on without requiring manual entry and at no cost to the agency—review the section below.

To have jobs automatically appear in searches on, the governmental public health agency provides an XML feed that includes pertinent data for all open jobs. XML is a commonly used computer language that allows for transmission of data. View an example feed here. Once an XML is received, jobs posted by the agency will update automatically as the Applicant Tracking System (ATS) is updated—meaning jobs in will appear and be listed, edited, and removed when those actions occur at the agency/administrative level. There is nothing further for the governmental public health agency to do—no manual posting. ASTHO supports the direct feed option at no cost to health jurisdictions. Other information:

  • ASTHO may work directly with the agency, the state or local administration, or with the ATS provider to obtain feeds. If the state, county, or local administration or ATS provider are involved, ASTHO will work in coordination with the public health agency representatives.
  • Once ASTHO has a feed, agencies can expect jobs to appear in searches within 10 business days. After that, jobs will update as they are updated in the ATS without further action from the health agency.
  • The fields within the individual feeds provided by the jurisdiction will dictate which positions appear in (for instance, if the agency desires to exclude administrative assistant or facilities jobs). ASTHO will work with the agency to assure the correct fields are included and/or filtered.

Actions to Take

  1. Attend one of our periodic informational Zoom meetings. OR
  2. Send an XML feed following the format from the example to ASTHO will follow up with questions or a status update. OR
  3. Send an email to to arrange a 15–20 minute Zoom or Teams call to answer questions and determine next steps. Depending on the parties engaged in job posting and/or interfacing with the ATS, agencies may wish to include human resources directors, workforce directors, IT professionals, and/or colleagues at the jurisdiction’s higher administrative levels if responsibilities for job postings are handled centrally.

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